Prepositions of time and date – in / at / on

Preposition Use Examples
in in months in July; in September
year in 1985; in 1999
seasons in summer; in the summer of 69
part of the day in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening
duration in a minute; in two weeks
at part of the day at night
time of day at 6 o’clock; at midnight
celebrations at Christmas; at Easter
fixed phrases at the end of the week
at the same time
on days of the week on Sunday; on Friday
date on the 25th of December*
special holidays on Good Friday; on Easter Sunday; on my birthday
a special part of a day on the morning of September the 11th*
after later than sth. after school
ago how far sth. happened (in the past) 6 years ago
before earlier than sth. before Christmas
between time that separates two points between Monday and Friday
by not later than a special time by Thursday
during through the whole of a period of time during the holidays
for period of time for three weeks
from … to
from… till/until
two points form a period from Monday to Wednesday
from Monday till Wednesday
from Monday until Wednesday
past time of the day 23 minutes past 6 (6:23)
since point of time since Monday
till/until no later than a special time till tomorrow
until tomorrow
to time of the day 23 minutes to 6 (5:37)
up to not more than a special time up to 6 hours a day
within during a period of time within a day

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